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STOP CHINA DOG EATING FESTIVAL | Sign Petition and Save Innocent Life

STOP CHINA DOG EATING FESTIVAL | Sign Petition and Save Innocent Life
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arrangements for the 10th edition of the annual dog meat competition in chinese town of yulin are in full impact but activists and animal lovers are taking moves to make their voices heard and feature the occasion banned.

extra than three million humans have up to now signed on-line petitions on diverse platform along with, however the variety grows via the minute as pics of terrified pets crammed into cages or boiled alive go round the world.

one of the principal platforms fighting for the ban of yulin festival,, has been setting up marches and public events inside the us to increase worldwide consciousness on the issue, collecting extra than 2,8 million signatures just this 12 months.

and committed chinese pet fanatics also are organising protests and petitions to forestall the competition, with a purpose to take region between june 21-30.

yufeng xu, founding father of beijing moms in opposition to animal cruelty known as the festival “a total embarrassment to china.”

different younger chinese humans have been parading with their puppies in dalian’s xinghai rectangular ultimate week, wherein they unveiled a massive banner proclaiming “build a stunning china, punish animal abusers.”

but notwithstanding the global condemnation, the communist chinese authorities appears set to provide the pass-beforehand for the 10th year to organisers in yulin, who went as far as threatening riots if the once a year slaughter changed into banned.

closing yr, investors and market holders had been first of all warned they might have faced 100,000 yuan (£11,000) fines and even arrest for promoting dog meat.

however the degree become “watered down” after dog meat dealers voiced their sadness.

wendy higgins, humane society worldwide (hsi)’s director of international media, stated: “the traders had threatened civil unrest if it went in advance, and so the ban changed into watered right down to a restriction on the amount of dog that would be bought.

“if most effective the authorities had held their nerve last 12 months, we may want to have had a completely distinct yulin competition.

“they surely acknowledged that they needed to do some thing, and they’d have gained the reward of campaigners around the arena, but they just didn’t observe through lamentably.”

chinese government has been challenged already by way of anti-canine meat campaigners in 2016, whilst extra than eleven million human beings signed a petition in opposition to the festival.

peter li, china policy professional at hsi, said in a announcement after imparting the petition to the yulin authorities workplace in beijing: “china’s dog meat change is animal abuse and criminality on a big scale, and a stain on china’s global reputation.”

some 30 million dogs are slaughtered for his or her meat throughout asia each year and more than a third is ate up in china.

but a recent observe showed that canine meat intake is not famous in yulin.

the poll, which changed into performed through chinese kingdom-registered charities and assisted by way of a team of six studies team of workers from the yulin municipal authorities, found out that 72 according to cent of yulin residents do not often devour canine meat and 12 according to cent in no way attempted it.

the take a look at confirms the brand new mindset towards pets introduced ahead by way of young and middle-magnificence chinese, who are more and more towards the intake of canine meat.

a survey performed by using kingdom broadcaster china relevant tv in 2016 discovered that fifty six in step with cent of respondents might help a law banning the eating of dogs, even as 40 in keeping with cent would oppose the sort of regulation.

as a result, the recognition of the pageant itself seems to be decreasing.

eight years in the past, round 10,000 dogs might die over the middle pageant weekend, however now the number fell to two,000-3,000 animals.

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May 28, 2018


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STOP CHINA DOG EATING FESTIVAL | Sign Petition and Save Innocent Life


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Isanka Umayangana
Isanka Umayangana

I am a Sri Lankan and a Buddhist. Nearly half of the world Buddhist people live in China. So, in Buddhism, animals should not be harmed. Dogs are considered human’s best friend in Sri Lanka. In every house we have a dog. As a vegetarian I ask you to stop this unpleasant thing.

Samarasinghe kankanamge Achintha Sandaruwan
Samarasinghe kankanamge Achintha Sandaruwan

Dog are innocent too

Dil Dinu
Dil Dinu

Dogs are the smartest animals who are very much closer to human. They are innocent and loyal friends.

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